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About Mbuya Mavhu

Mbuya Mavhu is a first generation Zimbabwean-American mother of four, grandmother and wife. She has been an educator in an African-centered school for 19 years, has offered bana chimbusa services in her community for 12 years and has been working as a postpartum doula  for a year.  Blactivist, home birth mom and natural childbirth evangelist are other labels she embraces.

This space, Chimonera Chedu (our wrapping cloth), is a result of her passion for researching and sharing traditional African solutions to the modern challenges of female adulthood, partnering, parenting. 


Mbuya's Blog


Postpartum Care

Due to current Covid19 health concerns in-home visits have been suspended. I will be offering digital support to both existing and new clients. Please send me a message for more information.  

Our Virtual Village

Chimonera Chedu is the host of An African Mother's Corner group on Facebook. We also have a weekly meet-up on zoom for mothers with babies to come hang out, get some advice and share.

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We are proud to offer a series of practical, informational and affordable classes for mothers. 



“Excellent support and informative. I felt comfortable and  learned so much!”

First Time Mom
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